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Longshot powder seems to be optimized for 40 S&W and 10mm. The difference between the two with 180 grain bullets is between 100 and 200 fps. The 40 S&W has proven itself and gained most LEO market share.
Regarding Glocks, I have a G23 that is an excellent service pistol. I bought a G30 compact 45 ACP. The G29 10mm barrel from Glock will fit the G30 (Glock does not recommend this as fitment is not 100%), and people do that conversion. I bought the 10mm barrell and set of 10mm magazines. Have not shot them yet. The G23 is smaller and less thick to hold. I think the G23 is a better service sidearm, and can be concealed nearly as easily as my G26 with Pierce magazine extension.
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