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Originally Posted by Alan0354 View Post
I am thinking about buying a semi that shoots either 10mm or .40 round. I want to know more about those rounds

1) Which is more popular?
2) Which is more expensive?
3) Which one is easier to buy during this time?
4) I know everyone has different opinion, which guns is the best in these two calibers? I live in Kalifornia.

1) .40
2) 10mm
3) not sure
4) personal preference

Ok, My personal opinion. Was issued a G22, full sized 40 for about 5 years with my agency. Never got to shoot or handle a 10mm. I don't like 40. I prefer a 9mm or 45acp. To me 40 had more snap. The recoil was more abrupt and the muzzle rose more. Now with that being said, it is FAR from difficult to control, I just personally am not a fan and will choose something else.

As for 10mm. I think it is a very cool cartridge and I really need to find a way to shoot one. I am anticipating recoil in the 357-44mag range. There are several problems I see with 10mm. Most factory loads (underwood not included) are watered down because recoil can be stout. The ammo is generally more expensive than 40 and on par with 45 from what I have seen. and lastly the frame is wider. I have large hands so its would not be a huge issue for me, but it is a larger frame size.

Other Pros for 10mm. You can get drop in barrels for .40, .357sig, and 9x25dillon (10mm necked down to 9mm, the big brother to the 357 sig which is a 40 necked down to 9mm)
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