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I'd say a G29 is your answer if you want 10mm. I had a G20 for years and liked it but added a G29 a few years ago and liked it so much better that the G20 never got used so I sold it.

I can use 10 round G29 magazines or the 15 round G20 mags in mine so I have the versatility of a small gun, or the capacity of the larger gun. For me there was no difference in accuracy and the 50 fps or so from the shorter barrel was never a concern.

You CAN buy extra barrels for it and shoot other cartridges but I've always shot 40 S&W in both of mine with the 10mm barrel. Accuracy and POI were the same either way as was reliability.

If I planned to shoot mostly 40 S&W through it I might have gotten another barrel. But before things got crazy I was able to find 10mm ammo just as easily as 40 S&W and at the same price. I saw no advantage to shooting 40's, but it was nice to know I could.

If you don't need the extra power of 10mm there are a lot of good 40 options including a G23. The G23 is a tad thinner than the G29, but length and height are pretty much the same.

Some of the hotter 40 loads are pretty good. Buffalo Bore and DoubleTap offer some 200 gr loads at about 1100 fps from the 40 S&W. Of course the same load is 1300 fps from 10mm. Other than those specialty loads there is a lot of overlap between 40 and 10mm in most commercial loads. And unless you want it for large predator protection 40 S&W is more than adequate. Probably adequate for large predator protection.
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