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Not sure what youre buying,...
Pretty sure we're not buying the same things...

We may say "extra" or "spare" but again they are an essential part of the gun. If a gun is sold with a single mag (a cheap move by the maker) then the first thing a shooter does is go get at least 2 more mags.
I agree that getting extra mags are something we do if possible. I disagree that that a spare *(extra) magazine is an essential part of the gun.

Don't confuse a highly desirable enhancement with an essential part. ONE magazine is essential, the rest are just an improvement.

Now, don't think I'm saying I only want one magazine, all I'm saying is that if the pistol has the one it is supposed to have, it is complete and usable. Its just not as combat effective without extra loaded magazines.

I've bought a lot of pistols over the last 40 years. A few new, most used. Some of the new ones only had one magazine, many of the used ones only had one magazine. Quite a few pistols in the old days only came with one mag, especially if they weren't "duty class" type guns. When I bought (new) a Ruger Mk I it came with one mag. Browning BDA .45 (new) one mag. Heck, when I bought my first Desert Eagle, it only came with one magazine (though there was a spot in the box for another).

Lots of the used pistols I've bought only had one mag with them, One of them, a Mauser HSc I've gotten two spares and neither worked!

My main focus isn't on "combat" class pistols, though I have had dozens of 1911A1s a few Browning HiPowers, Sig P220s and some others, along with p.08 Lugers P.38 and such. One mag in the gun and its good. Additional mags with the gun are gravy.

So, yes its really nice when you get a spare or two with the gun. But they aren't essential, just valuable and desirable.

IF you only had one gun and no spare mags would you NOT carry it or keep it for home defense or hunt with it??
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