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I am going to be reloading for it. But I checked ammo prices tonight and 338 Lapua is like $30 a box of ten rounds. That’s not bad considering I am paying $70.00 for a box of .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum Ammo.
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I haven't fired a RPR in 338LM--it's probably heavier than my 110 and if it has a good brake and stock pad you won't have any problem with felt recoil would be my guess. 285'ish gr vld's and eld's go good in mine. The biggest expense will be brass--IMO get the Lapua stuff; it's heavy duty and worth the extra money. I think you'll love the 338 LM.

PS: Have to be honest about one thing; if you do really want to use the 338LM to full advantage at some point, you'll probably need a top-tier scope to do that and that can easily cost as much or more than the rifle itself.
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