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Thanks a bunch dogtown_tom and FrankenMauser

Great info.

Re: Does your state contact FBI NICS directly or is the NICS check run by a state agency?

Mississippi relies on the FBI for NICS---but those of us who have a Mississippi issued CCW permit can purchase a gun in a store or gun show without the FFL dealer even calling it in for a NICS.

Re: The FBI doesn't run a FP check. ATF keeps those. If you cannot get a proceed from the FBI, your Form 4 goes into the pile awaiting further review by a Document Examiner.....and that takes time.

I don't understand that.

If the FBI does not run a fingerprint check, what is the FBI's role in the ATF's issuing a proceed?

I.e., how can the FBI hold up a person's Form 4 application for a suppressor?

And why would the ATF even want an applicant's fingerprints? ATF does not have a giant database of criminals' fingerprints to check against the applicant's prints---do they?

Does the ATF just keep applicants' hard copy fingerprints on file without checking for a criminal record?

(I have no criminal record whatsoever. My background is pure as the driven snow. I have only had 2 speeding tickets and that was over 30 years ago.)

Thanks again. You guys are great!
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