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A lighter bullet with less bearing surface does not really apply to hand gun cartridges.
Swaged wadcutters in any bullet diameter are pure lead and are target bullets fired at slow speeds.
"...a more serious wound channel for self-defense..." Ain't nothing that creates an uglier wound than a pure lead bullet. A .38 Special WC will go from .357" to absolutely flat ~ .60 calibre(didn't measure it. 'It' hit a 2nd Chance vest.) upon impact and will probably break up as it penetrates. Think in terms of a round ball out of a BP revolver.
What you will have with an SWC loaded upside down is an upside down SWC. Accuracy probably will not be anywhere near the same due to the change in balance. The gases will probably exit the barrel unevenly too. That's what cause the inaccuracy.
" the wheel..." Just like people who load HBWC's upside down thinking they'll get a wickedly expanding HP bullet? snicker.
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