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.338 Lapua is expensive stuff. When you look at prices on the assorted sites, look at how many rounds per box. 20 rounds starts at about $80 per box with match bullets.
The .300 Mag is much more reasonable and way more selection.
Brass isn't any better either. Graf's wants $41.99 per 20 for Hornady .338 Lapua. $51.99 per 100 for .300 Win Mag.
Your .308 will do nicely for 600 yards with 168 or 175 grain match bullets. 600 is mid range for NRA High Power. The magnums are used at 1,000 yards.
"I want one." is a reason though. And 600 will do. MSRP on an RPR chambered in .338 Lapua is $2099. ($84.95 for an extra 5 round mag direct from Ruger.) So what the local shop wants for it will matter. But shop around locally for brass, bullets and such first.
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