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At only 600 yards you'd be better off with the 308's and 6.5's you have. The others don't really become relevant until you start shooting at 600-2000 yards. Your 308 will be fine out to 800-1000 and the 6.5 does everything the others do out to about a mile.

At least as target rounds. If you're planning on hunting the 300, and 338 magnums shoot heavier bullets with enough energy for large game like elk at extended ranges of 700+ yards. There are no serious shooters using those for long range target shooting anymore.

The exact rifle would tip the balance toward one cartridge or the other. I'd buy the rifle I liked best and worry less about the cartridge it was in. But all things equal would go 300 WM.

If I had rifles in the cartridges you already have, and I do, I'd be looking at an accurate rifle in 223. I did. My 223 will get me near 3/4 MOA out to 600 yards with a lot less expense and recoil.

I've had 300 mags in the past. They were OK, but I sold my last 300 magnum after buying a 6.5CM. I considerd it an upgrade.
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