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Congrats. After you shoot well with a double action revolver, you are going to have to keep yourself from scoffing at people who jump on purchasing the newest semi-auto with a marginally "better" trigger, saying that the last trigger "sucks".

Crimson trace grips - I have a set on a j frame, the boot grip style that extends no further than the revolver's frame. It's thinner than a lot of grips, so not a lot of meat. I don't feel the plastic is cheap. I filed a tiny bit of a sharp edge off where the plastic lets the backstrap protrude through the grip, before the grip transitions up to the rubber cushion in back. The plastic feels solid, has a fine matte texture, and doesn't have a greasy feeling like worn police trade-in Gen 3 Glock starts to have. Crimson trace can be had in different styles. There's a full 3 finger grip that accommodates your pinky if you want or the small boot grip style. Even if you do get it, I'd practice with and without laser on.
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