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The problem with sanctuary is that it never actually exists, without "good men, armed and ready to battle" to preserve it.

Thing is, it only happens when BOTH side AGREE to let it happen. It sort of worked in the Middle Ages, because of the power of the Church. And even then, it wasn't absolute. While, once granted sanctuary, the Church wouldn't turn over the "bad guy" to local authority, (if a deal was made,) the Church could (temporarily) "consecrate" some of the Lord's men who could then go in and remove the bad guy from the church. Kind of like breaking your word without technically breaking your word....

People are going to misinterpret the term "sanctuary" indeed its already done in this thread. Consider the idea that saying "sanctuary" does not mean the local govt doing so will shield and protect people from arrest and prosecution, but that they are declaring their town/county, etc. a sanctuary for the IDEA of the 2nd Amendment rights, (or whatever the cause is), meaning only that THEY will not prosecute (things which are usually well outside their jurisdiction anyway) or pass laws or ordinances against the idea and concept they have declared "safe" in their jurisdiction.

This in no way means they will stop other authorities performing their duties, though it may mean they will not actively help them.

This is not a case of riding a cathedral bell in the tower crying "Sanctuary!!!", but more a matter of, as Inigo Montoya says "I do not think that word means what you think it means..."
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