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As far as to why accuracy keep creeping in, for me shooting is all about accuracy. It's taken me years and a lot of $$$$ in ammo components, endless hours trying to perfect my reloading and shooting techniques and watching my group sizes decrease. If I seriously thought a $1500 piece of gear would drop me down .1 or .2 just by popping a case in a machine and pressing a button I would have one on order as fast as I could key in my debit card and press return.

That is why I found these articles so intriguing and exciting, at first glance it looked like annealing really did improve accuracy but then after some analysis the trend lines show it did absolutely nothing in the accuracy department, even in the hands of world class marksmen using the most advanced annealer available

I have no idea how many reloadings I can get from a case before the neck splits, I never went beyond 20 reloadings on a case myself. I have about 75 ten year old Lapua .308 Palma's that were shot above book recommendations with 20 reloads on them. I tend to use some pretty stout loads on my long range stuff and primer pockets seem to loosen before I ever get a neck split.

I consider brass a consumable just like primers, bullets, barrels and powder. When a primer pocket gets sloppy the case gets tossed. Someday I may take a press to the range with a resizing die and my arbor with a seating die and find out how far I can go. Maybe pre measure 40 or 50 charges out at home and use a single case to do a dot drill at 100 until the primer hole gets loose or the neck splits.

I am hoping to have a 100 yard range available within a few minutes drive next year so I might just do that.
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