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Well if I can get 40 firings per bunch I don't have to go find and buy more cases. They become friends after a while and the loss of each one is like loosing a gold fish.

And not sure why accuray keeps creeping in, I don't know that it does or doesn't. If it does its bor the 1s and 2s shootes of which I am rarely one (pun).

I do know that if I don't at least in my guns I get splits at 8.

And, the bullet insertion gets harder and harder. That is annoying and I am willing to put a bit of work into it.

And I did not go with the only Houndawg approved device (HAD, humor intended ) , I went with my cheap old Annie that seem to do the job (granted with more effort on my part but I am also willing as I knew what I was getting into)
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