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They need a precision machine rest gun like the one Harold Vaughn had in his book, Rifle Accuracy Facts. Putting people into the equation means you must double-blind and control for fatigue and external conditions changes and other factors by round-robin. It was not a convincing test design.
I completely agree the placebo effect is a well documented phenomena, and this test is a great example of it.Notice the non annealed numbers are higher than the annealed from the first firing on.

The only thing these tests showed me is that non annealed cases have every bit as much lifespan as annealed. Does anyone else find it curious that the non annealed actually had better numbers on the final group than it did on the first group on 4 of the 10 charts. Just looking at the linears only in one out of ten charts did the annealed cases show a noticeable improvement in performance over the non annealed from the first to the last
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