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Amp Annealing Under the Microscope latest tests

Part 5 (Section 2)
Part 5 (Section 3)

At first glance I was ready to place an order immediately upon reading these then I began doing some critical thinking and posted this on the Accurate Shooter forum. I will just copy and paste my thoughts from this thread

#1- case life. Both annealed and non annealed cases were fired 20 times and no neck splits were reported. If I can get 20 firings from a quality case non annealed, I think I have gotten my moneys worth

#2 -The slopes of the charts. In part 5 section 2 the non annealed case numbers should have steadily increased, they did not. If you look at the various charts the slopes of both annealed and non annealed cases for all shooters were virtually parallel. In a number of the tests the numbers got better with the number of firings. There was no correlation at all with the number of firings and performance. The non annealed cases numbers should have climbed in a steady manner as they became work hardened, they did not. The non annealed slope should show a steady decrease in accuracy from firing one to firing twenty on the non annealed cases while the annealed cases numbers should have a even slope.

As Riflewoman pointed out in post 6 any tests in the future needs to be performed in a double blind manner. The placebo effect is well documented and any tests not performed using a double blind procedure should be taken with a grain of salt. All placebo effects, observer bias, conformation bias, and the human/environmental effect need to be removed for any future tests to be valid. My first reaction to seeing these tests was that annealing does work, but after some thought and analysis they have created more doubt than before on whether annealing has any positive effect at all on accuracy or case life. The numbers just do not add up

Only in Dennis Deans Velocity extreme spread did the numbers show any increase in the non annealed cases over time and even at that his Vertical MOA showed a decrease

Needless to say there will be no annealing done on my bench
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