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I have Hornady #10. 6.5x284 is not SAAMI spec, they list as one of many wildcats. Max OAL 2.800"

The data for both using 95gr/100 the 6.5x284 had 4 max loads at 3200fps vs one load for 6.5CM. For the 120gr/123gr in 6.5x284 they want you to use 129gr data and for 143gr/160gr they only had 4 test loads for each vs 10 or so for 6.5CM.

The 6.5x284 Norma OAL is 3.228". I shoot 284 long action and I seat out pass 3.200" Berger,Nosler has data for 6.5x284 Norma.

I sure won't worry about it.
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