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Where did you buy that bench?
OP says in post #1 that it is a Rural King product.
My first glance at the photo said Harbor Freight Tools. Exact same layout, 4 drawers, wood clamp on the end. The HFT one is Asian white wood and costs $119.99 on sale, $149.99 today. Must pickup at store. Looks like someone is reselling the HFT one on for $579 plus $62 shipping. Exact same name, size, weight capacity, "hardwood", and picture:

Now that is Mark-up!

Everything on that Rural King site is out of stock, and I saw prices from $1K to 3+K. Some said OP's was cedar.

When I bought my HFT bench, I also ordered an In-line Fabrication raised quick change press mount, so I can use the drawers. If you just bolt a press on the top front, you may not be able to use at least one drawer.
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