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At this point, only one drawer is blocked. With the quick detach system I can pull the press and get into the drawer if needed...but most likely will just forgo using it. I like the felt lining, and just having drawers at hand is a nice improvement over my WorkMate conversion bench. I bought of mounting the press to the end of the bench, but I wanted to have lots of room to work, and an end mounted press would inhibit that.
As I’ve only decapped cases I can’t speak to the functionality of my new workspace. But I can remark on how I felt after decapping nearly 900 cases yesterday...great. I own a Frankford Arsenal Hand Depriming Tool that helped keep me in the game, as repetitive decapping activity on my old bench was quite wearing. I could do 200-300 in a session before feeling my back was going to seize. Yesterday session was nearly unbroken timeline, yet I woke up rested and back pain free.
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