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I have a very similar bench. started life as a woodworking bench from harbor freight. definitely not as pretty as your cedar bench and finish. but same layout and holes in work space. one thing that bothered me is when a press Is mounted on the front face, the drawers became useless. I bought a chunk of "scrap" 2x12 from the local hardware store (Menards) for $6 bucks or so and made an extension for the presses. If you hard mount a press an the corner of the bench you might get out of the way of the drawer. I use 3 different presses for what ever stupid reason (because I can? ) I mounted a that chunk of 2x12 at a 45 off one of the corners and mounted 2 presses to it (4hole Lee turret and RCBS chucker). also added a chunk to the back to mount powder measures. seemed to make it more functional.

just my 2cents, my bench is a mess. way behind on loading, building a blackout upper.
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