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B4 Japan was even better!

Back in the day Charles Daly meant high quality. That day is long gone. Charles Daly was not a manufacturer, they were an importer as near as I can tell.

The name goes back many many years. It's only in the last twenty or so years that Charles Daly became a purveyor of low end inexpensive guns.

It's just a name, but back in the day it was a good one. Today......not so much. My last CD gun came to me with a lifetime warranty. Note a lifetime warranty is the lifetime of the company, not yours. That iteration of the Charles Daly company (KBI) actually went away (along with my warranty) while my gun was being shipped to my dealer. I chose to keep the gun, and it gave no issues.

I did sell it after a couple of years and did not take a hit.
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