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Originally Posted by Farmland
I didn't expect a moderator to get as one sides though.
Don't mean to burst your bubble, but Staff members are actually allowed to post their opinions, too.

Actually tuttle 8 as a moderator you really should read prior to making comments - no disrespect intended.
I DID read your post. It was a mere mention of the favor of Hornady over the 550. That's fine and dandy....and NOT because of the position you take.

The whole debacle of the 650 is where your comments are completely invalid. It's utterly and completely null and void per the original poster's guidelines. It's off-topic at best, trolling at worst. Now, everyone, let's get one thing clear....

It isn't who's a red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink bleeder. My blood is boiling because the OP specifically stated his budget and many, many posts have been made for presses that are out of his/her range. It doesn't do ANY GOOD for a member trying to find out what's a good firearm to buy on a $500 budget only to find over half of the contributions on his thread is chanting Wilson Combat. On top of that, there's more "wheat to separate from the chaff" empty content posts to filter through.

I CLEARLY stated this in my previous post. I have no idea how to make it more simple to comprehend....I really don't.
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