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Shafter; It makes sense... its known as Escapism. They seek out an alternative reality, however temporary, to escape the mundane and boring existence of everyday life. Much like going to the movies or reading a novel.

I agree though, junk food, soda and an overweight and flabby body doesn't bode well in a survival situation. They sit around, stuff their faces and type away! How the hell does one expect to strap on boots and "head for the hills", if they get tired out just going to the mall to buy their new video game? Same with some of the self proclaimed self defense experts on here and Youtube. Great at giving advice and dolling out criticism towards others pertaining to technical and legal aspects of self defense, but most can't bench press their own Bodyweight, or hike 5 miles (perhaps even 2???), without calling a rescue team. God forbid they actually had to go hands on with a bad guy. Yet, they try to educate others pertaining to the law and self defense. Pathetic, but humorous! You can judge a tree by the fruit it bears. That's what's nice about technology, you can always track down and figure out what kind of "tree" you are dealing with.
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