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In other words, everyone can benefit from training, regular practice, and a little effort paid towards a healthy lifestyle. If people who aren't totally devoted to all of those things still want to sink a small fortune into a market that produces things I like, or be on board to protect our rights at the election booth, I won't be too harsh on them. At the same time, there really are some situations in which just having the right tool and having a little experience with that tool just might save a life or two.

The reality is that someone who hits the range on a semi-regular basis and has a gun with them could be enough to stop a mass shooter. They may not be able to run a half mile through the woods and take out a gang of ninjas with their eyes closed. They might be fifty or more pounds overweight and have an ongoing love affair with fast food. They might not be the strongest opposition a bad guy ever faced. They're still a heck of a lot better than none.

So if you're one of those guys, consider some lessons, training, or just stepping it up with a few drills. Have a salad once in a while. Take the stairs, if you're able. In the meantime, thanks for having a gun, a knife, a flashlight, and whatever else might come in handy.
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