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While we're on the "EDC kit" topic ...

It's often amazing to me (in numerous other threads) that some folks who proclaim they never put their pants on without belting on a gun, even if remaining at home, will often state they don't see any reason to carry either a knife or a small light source. Of those 3 items, it's predominantly going to be the knife and the light that are not only more useful on a daily/nightly basis, but will likely be something that helps someone resolve many of life's frequent little difficulties.

Indispensable isn't an unwarranted description, and that's just talking about the easily pocketable gentleman's gear that can be carried on the person, and doesn't count the additional/backup odds & needs & gear that are easily carried in glove-boxes, consoles and trunks (for the bigger gear).

Of course, some folks could have all the handguns, knives, light sources, first aid kist and other gear they could stagger around with, and still be woefully ill-prepared (mentally and skills-wise) to use any of it.

"Better to have and not need ... " is something a lot of folks like to apply to their favorite handguns, but don't grasp the importance of applying it to the really important items that provide convenience, and potentially life-saving capabilities, when it comes to the things we have the freedom and luxury of owning and carrying on our persons.
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