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Benchmade Infidel OTF automatic and a Spyderco Para2, along with my Victorinox multi tool take care of cutting things. CZ 75D PCR for things rhat go bump in the night.
Nice. I thought I was the only one here who sort different types of knives for different tasks. I always have two cheap Home Depot-bought utility knives/case cutters on me in addition to the Schrade or S&W tactical spring-assisted. One for work: Opening cases, breaking down boxes, cutting shrink wrap and bundle straps. The other one is for opening food packets, since the first utility blade is pretty dirty from being used constantly in a warehouse setting and I am not going to use that one anywhere near food. The second blade is for when I want a meat/tofu jerky snack and these things are almost always wrapped in tough plastic vacuum seals. And other general-purpose cutting related to opening food packages on the go.

The tactical folder is kept discreetly and for emergencies only. It is not known by anybody around me, unlike the utility blades which are secured to my work rig with lanyards, but can be deployed when the need arises, very quickly. "The art of the shuriken is the art of throwing a short sword, and must remain a secret. It should only be used decisively". These are the words of Miyamoto Musashi. (Book of Five Rings, 1604) While I never thrown a knife before and doubt if I can even do something like that accurately especially in an emergency, there is still a lesson to be learned from that quote: Have a backup weapon hidden and available at all times. When something dire do happen, you have an edge up your sleeve. A most useful advantage for survival.
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