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I've carried a folding knife of one kind or another since I was a kid. Like Doyle above, I've also considered it a tool as opposed to a weapon. Sure, it could be used as one in a pinch but there are a lot of drawbacks. If I was going to carry a knife defensively, I'd need a fixed blade.

Lights are one of the most valuable tools you can carry. Yes, cell phones, watches, and more can be used as lights. That doesn't mean that those things will be the best, most reliable, or most convenient sources of light; especially in an emergency. Technology has come a long way and it's just too easy to include a dedicated light in your EDC. There are lots of great single AAA flashlights out there for under twenty bucks. Most of them are small enough to throw in a pocket or attach to your key chain. Depending on what you normally carry, there are also some excellent pen lights that will take a pair of AAA cells.

For my own purposes, I don't care for cool white. Cool white LEDs can efficiently produce very bright light so they've taken center stage in the market. I prefer a warmer tint that is easier on my eyes and doesn't wash out the color in what I'm viewing. During the day, I keep a Klarus P20 in my shirt pocket alongside a couple of pens. It's a nice, diffused, neutral 5000K with high CRI. At night when I'm dressed more casually, I'll carry one of a few smaller lights in the 4000K range.
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