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I've always been a bit leery of lights with a separate setting switch built into the body of the light. I guess my concern is I would go to deploy it and if I'd previously had it on the max setting and I negligently pressed the setting button I'd now drop my lumens way down to the lowest setting, which is often more like a moonlight setting. That said, I do think lights that have some variability are useful. Some of the SureFire options that have either 5 lumen or 1000 lumen settings sort of annoy me as I go from enough light to navigate my house (if my eyes are adjusted) or look under a desk to a light that can burn my retinas. This is where I sort of stray from the "tactical" light line of thinking because to me an EDC light should have utility for a number of situations, that to me is the point of EDC.

Currently I use a Streamlight ProTac 2L-X. I think the low mode is 40 lumens with the high mode being 500 lumens and you cycle by the tail cap. They're very affordable and I haven't been kind to mine and it's held up well, although it's a bit bulky when in the pants pocket of say dress slacks (depending on your line of work). I'll have to give the Fenix lights a look. For a knife I use a Zero Tolerance 0350ST. It is assisted open. It's not particularly light but it is solid and if you have medium hands or smaller you can likely use the opposite end as an impact weapon.

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