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This summer a case was settled in Illinois in which a car crash occurred on the rural road in front of a farmer's home. As a good Samaritan the farmer went out to investigate. Two 20-something--it seems they were under the influence of at least alcohol & maybe drugs--had crashed their vehicle. Both had criminal records. An altercation ensued. The farmer shot one of the thugs in the leg. The victim bled to death. Every police agency investigating the shooting including the Illinois State Police considered it justifiable recommending no charges be filed. The ASA involved thought otherwise putting the farmer through a trial. The farmer was acquitted. ..not to sound cold but the lesson for me in this case is to NOT investigate incidents like this, but rather call 911. ..sad it has to be that way but.. I'd much rather have my Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network behind me than not. They've some of the top experts in the world ready to testify should the need arise. ..sounds good to me.
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