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Well boys... Patents has paid off a little bit. I decided today that I was going to go over to a local place that carries reloading suplies and equipment. Well I mainly went cause I wanted to get some Powder (Which they didnt have), but when I was asking the at the checkout (Cause I bought some other things I wanted) what the deal with reloading supplies, he said... Wait for it... "I do have some Small Pistol Primers" I said "WHAT!!!" The guy said they are limited to 1,000 per customer and i told him to give me a box of 1,000. Well it cost me $45 for the box, but I figured atleast I can start learning the Reloading with that, and wait tell I can get more down the line. Even if he said I could have bought the whole 5,000 I wouldnt have, I dont need them right now. I will just get on a Backorder list somewhere and get 5,000 in a couple months. I will never finish these 1,000 off in the next 2 months. I only shoot about 200 rounds a week and I have about 2,000 9mm factory ammo to burn through and about 500 40s&w to burn through. So I might start trying to reload the 40's first just so I can learn. I have aout another week or so before my Dies are here anyways. My Press shipped out today and the dies should be shipping first of next week.

They are starting to Surface boys... Lets just hope that Hoarders dont start their BS before us simple people can get some.
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