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I e-mailed Hodgon, and asked them what was going on with the powder etc. I got a answer from Mike Daily. He said they are running full out to try, and keep up but people are no doubt hoarding. He stated the normal person who is buying one or two pounds are now buying twenty to forty pounds, all because of some rumors. He went on to say what he is really worried about is the future. He stated when they do get caught up people that have enough for the next four to ten years will no longer be buying, and that is going to put the small places out of business because they will no longer need anything. Makes sense if you think about it. I know my spelling and grammer is very bad but who cares? Like I said before I am set on primers so I wont buy anymore. Just need a few pounds of powder, and I am fine. I like hunting mostly, and working up a new load now and then. I do a little target shooting but not a whole lot, mainly hunting. The comp shooters have always used alot of stuff, and that make sense so they are not doing it. The hazmat going up 2.50 cents is not doing it either. Like I said before I feel sorry for the new reloaders getting into it not being able to get what they need, or taking a chance, and not using the proper reloading componets that they should. I am sure not everyone is going to agree with me, and that is o.k. it is a free country, and people can buy all they want if that is what they choose to do. That is what makes America "Great". Maybe if I am lucky I wil get a quote from Rembrant.
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