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Federal Ammo companys reply

I called Federal Ammo about primer shortage, there reply was they are making primers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at maximum output. They have no shortage of materials or people to make primers.
The gal stated there are two things going on right now touched on in this thread.
1-The demand for ammo is at a record level so more of there primers are going to make finished ammo which is being purchased.
2-The demand is huge for primers either due to increased shooting/reloading and or people are stocking for future problems. least Federal is making as many as possible and selling them to there customers where they disappear off the shelf.

I know one IDPA comp shooter will run through at least 20,000 primers a summer for his game and is worried that right now he only has 9,000 on hand which will only last him half season. Imagine 200 guys like this and it is easy to see how a store can be cleaned out fast.
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