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What Jim243 said sounds like good advice. Just the correct amount to have if your not into comp shooting, and your not hoarding. Thats what I am going to do from now on. I was caught a little off gaurd, but it wont happen again. I mainly use the large rifle, and small mag pistol so if I have 2,000 of each I am a happy camper. So from now on thats what I am going to keep on hand. I got lucky and found the ones I needed, I could have got 1,000 more but I left it for someone else knowing I had what I needed. When I went back to get some powder they where gone. Now I am having a hard time finding the powder I need. I have enough for awhile, but I am going to do the same with that. I use five differnt types so I figure if I have three pounds of each on hand I am good to go. I dont need anymore than that, so there is no sense causing a problem for a fellow shooter or someone just getting into it. It's a good clean sport/hobby, and I hate to hear someone just starting out not being able to get what they need or taking a chance using something they should not. I am sure this whole thing will clear up, just need some time.
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