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Sevengunner, did you take photos? Original images give us credibility ... and a captive audience.

I can't deny I haven't attempted to 'stir' emotion each time a fresh photo of another broken p22 emerges.

Posters usually end up submitting a dry, chronological type, 'incident report' and I use the opportunity to coax the emotion out whenever I can. So, yes, it gets a little cheezy, maybe a broken p22 slide NEVER actually went boomerang'N around the stalls killing everyone in the range but, that doesn't mean it couldn't happen!

It takes courage to post. The guys I look up to at the range, The grizzled, leather-necked, ole-timers that I respect so much, insult us. "Ah! Commie, girlie-man!!! my grandaddy's colt used to bite his thumb clean-off with each shot...but he'd just sew it on again and keep on 'plinkin'... <cough> "Aaarghhh! GUNS BREAK!"

Not on my watch, ole-timer! If it's weak it ain't gonna survive.
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