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I don't know how to post a picture but I can tell you easier I'm sure . I used a 1x5 8" long piece of wood for the base , installed adjustable feet on the corners to adjust for distance . The front rest is also 1x5 but I cut a U shape the hight of the pistol held in position . At the bottom inside I installed a hinge to attach to base and allow to fold closed on the base . On the outer side of the rest at the bottom I attached a window latch to lock the rest in position . Across the raw edge at the top of the rest and into the U cutout I glued a piece of leather to protest the pistol . I shoot with the trigger guard pressed into the rest and the cover on the frame in the U cutout . I have a strip of leather on both sides of the trigger guard attached to the rest to help hold the pistol in position . The pistol should be able to stand in position on the rest . Making the rest was as much fun as shooting with it . Give it a try .

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