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I'm trying to figure out if "valid and reasonable" are determined on their own merits or because they align with your conclusions and thus must be valid and reasonable.

The odds of needing a firearm to fend off a violent attack are pretty low.

The odds of needing one and successfully using one are lower

The odds of needing one, successfully using one, and needing to fire a shot to be successful are lower

The list goes on but the odds of needing a spare magazine are incredibly small so we cannot be making the argument that extremely small odds are the reason to not carry a second or third spare.

I'm actually in agreement - one spare magazine is efficient enough to carry that its a stopping point and allows me to clear a magazine caused failure (though even those are pretty rare). More than one does not fit in my pocket well, I don't like the magazine carriers I have tried in the past, and it helps balance things out a bit carried off-side (though two would like balance better).

But is that what I chose because it is "valid and reasonable" or is it "valid and reasonable" because it is what I chose. I think in the case of most of us its what we chose but we define it as a logical choice after we make it. That's fine you are free to do as you chose but let's be honest with ourselves about why we chose it.
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