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"If YoU nEeD mOrE tHaN X aMoUnT oF rOuNdS tHaN YoU sHoUldN't..."
Well, you must admit that it sounds cool, and it allows a person to imply that "i'm better because I don't need and won't carry more than minimal weaponry"

Seriously, anyone who has actually pondered what may happen to any depth will realize that chaos is the biggest factor in such a fight. God himself might laugh at what scenarios may happen. if you fumble around so badly that you hit the magazine release and drop it into a sewer grate, you have only a single round. If your gun has a magazine safety, you are totally screwed!

The simple fact is that if an extra magazine is available some of the random chaotic events may be prevented. A backup magazine is the second most important precaution, second only to the decision to carry a weapon.
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