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OK, a 1:7 twist will stabilize the heavier bullets. Just as an example I have a few AR rifles in 223 Remington chambering. Only one has a 1:7 twist rate. That rifle shoots the heavier bullets like the Nosler 70 grain spitzer really well. I like powders like CFE 223 about 25.5 grains and BL-C(2) about 26 grains. When I want slower velocity Accurate 2520 at about 23 to 24 grains. So twist rate and bullet weight weight are important along with other bullet features. I also like the Nosler Ballistic Tip 55 grain bullets in my 1:12 twist rifle but they never shot well in my fast twist barrels. Keep in mind also the max C.O.A.L. you can get into an AR magazine when choosing a bullet weight. I also like H-335 powder in 223 using magnum primers. Always keep your loads well below maximum when trying something new. What works for me or anyone else may not shoot as well for you in your rifle.

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