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Hey TheScout,

I have a Ruger 10/22 I got back in the late 60's. I have to say that I've shot that .22 more than anything else I've ever owned. Thousands and thousands (and thousands) of shells through that thing. I didn't know back then that it had a really bad, squishy trigger pull. Didn't matter, I still got pretty good with it. I also had lots and lots of opportunities to shoot in those days, and I most always had that .22 with me, just like every other kid I ran with back then had their's; NEVER enough .22 shells, though. I learned to shoot with that rifle, and through the years learned about good triggers and better shooting results (and form) as time passed.

I'd say that if your trigger is anywhere near as bad as my "new" Daisy that I really haven't tried yet, and you're shooting offhand as you say, you're not too shabby. I think much of your frustration would go away shooting something with a good trigger pull. If you haven't experienced shooting anything with a proper pull, then your shooting world will change once you do (IMO). Keep shooting the Daisy if it's all you have to shoot regularly, but get out there with your two Marlin .22s whenever you can. It's a wonderful time to buy .22 shells, too...

BTW, I still have that .22, and a few years ago I installed a Volquartsen trigger kit in it, and for 35 bucks, it's a new rifle, and still amazingly accurate after all these years (and shells). And, you mentioned your Arisaka; Norma probably makes ammo for it. I got my first deer with a 7.7 back in the very early 70's. Norma made ammo for it then, and I'll bet they still do (check the site below) for yours, too.

Keep shooting; maybe try a light leather glove on that Daisy trigger. (?) Good luck!

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