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For a while there I wondered if your next post would be about "slimming down" the number of pistols you have.
Never. Ever. I still own every firearm I have ever purchased.

The abandonment of Unique and W231 almost had me in tears.
Heh, at least now I know some people do actually read my meanderings. Keep in mind I have over 3#'s of HP-38, and just barely over 2#'s of Unique. Both are about a two-year supply. "Abandonment?" Maybe. But it'll be a good while before my supply is exhausted. And who knows. Things change.

I compensate for my lack of variety with poundage.
That's my plan. ^^

If I recall correctly, maximum amount of home stored powder is around 25 pounds without a magazine. Over 25 pounds you need a magazine with I think 1" thick wood constructed to certain fire code specifications. Local regs may vary.
I need a magazine. I'm not a carpenter, so I need to find someone here locally to build one for me. I have been unsuccessful finding any official information on line as to the requirements. I know about the 1" thick wood part, but that's about it. I even contacted my local fire department: left a message for someone to get back to me; but they never did *sigh*.
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