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I have a crazy boatload of different powders on hand and that includes a few that I may never use again. The beauty of that is that if I get a wild hair one day (or some odd bullets or a new caliber) then I'm typically able to craft some loads immediately without dwelling on the decision & subsequent chase of powder for the new application.

I certainly have a handful of absolute "pet loads" that run extremely well for me, but I also enjoy trying to find a handful of ways to skin the cat.

I shoot a lot of 9mm and it is one of very few places where I don't do much experimentation with different loads and powders. I run my 9mm with Universal and I have a decent supply of it and it only uses a pinch per round so I am set for many years. Even still, if someone peed in my supply of Universal... I know that I could likely craft a working load with another powder on hand.
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