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Alright I'll clarify and clear this up. I'm not talking about revolvers, I don't own one. Second I'm talking about deffinsive shooting or the training to do so.
Assuming you have the space and both hands, assuming a modified Isosceles stance with a thumbs forward grip will likely produce the fasted and most easily repeated fire from service-caliber and sized handguns. (Basically, what works best in IPSC/IDPA)

You'll note there are a few qualifiers in there!
-If you are too close-quarters for a fully extended stance, two hands may not be the best grip.
-If you are at an odd angle, the ISO two-handed grip may not be the best.
-If you have an unusually large or small pistol, you may need to adapt to that.
-If you have an unusual caliber, you may need to adapt to that.
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