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Please note the following, quoted from the Forum menu description of this forum.

This is a "no holds barred" training area.
And that the OP didn't ask "what is the best grip", or what is the most effective / efficient grip. Nor did he specify for defensive shooting, or for speed shooting, or anything like that. He just asked about a "proper" grip.

I'll say it again, the "proper" grip is what ever gets the job done for you, and keeps both you and the gun from damage.

I have handguns ranging in size from a pocket .22 through a Desert Eagle ending up with 14" barrel Contenders. No one gripping style is optimal for all of them in all of the situations I use them. Some style of grip are a very poor idea for some guns and some people.

What the combat match shooters are doing this decade might be "demonstrably, objectively better", but that's only true when you are talking about them, or maybe you, and not me.

A "better" technique is only better if the shooter can use it better, if they can use it at all. While we put most emphasis on defensive shooting (with good reason), there are other kinds of handgun shooting where the same styles are not as important, or possibly even detrimental.

And even in defensive shooting, different people, different guns, different results. What works well for a 6' 250lb size 9 glove wearing 1911A1 shooter might not be the best grip for the 5' 115lb size 6 glove shooting a Colt Agent snubnose, etc.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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