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Wouldn't it be better to practice one draw and one grip until you don't even have to think about it you just react?
Yes...and no. self-defensive training should include one and two hand drawing, shooting, reloading, malfunction clearing, moving, using cover, firing from retention, various round counts, balancing of speed and precision, small target, large target, near and far, multiple targets, differing stances....

You really don't want to stand at a line and just draw and use one grip and think you're now good to go.

There are grips which provide better recoil control and if your 0.1 of a second quicker shot happens to end the fight (think hit on CNS or opposing weapon) well that would be pretty important. I think it's silly to think otherwise. In defensive shooting, speed and hits on target are paramount.

I use thumbs forward for semi-auto two hand training, thumb flagged for the one hand work because that is best for ME. I didn't start out that way 40 years ago. Way back then we stood sideways, stuck one hand in our pocket and extended the pistol in the other hand -tinkered with many types of grips, until I found the current setup. (Tinkered is not 10 rounds, but 100's)

Can't really tell you what will work for YOU, but when you find the type of grip YOU will use, then work on dry fire drills until the grip is built automatically.

There's been no mention of the weak hand grip of the strong hand wrist method.
g.willikers/AK103K – Ya’ll have the time line a little confused. The Tea Cup grip was going out of style about the time IBM PC’s hit the shelves with their DOS 1.0 operating systems in the early 80’s. Grabbing the wrist went out of vogue back when we were using slide rules, around the mid 70’s. The OP might pick up the hint about these two grips styles…..
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