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Well, youre always going to have the monkeys who are adventurous, who like to push their barriers, and expand their horizons, by learning new things and staying on top of their game or profession, whatever the case may be.
Again, you're assuming because not everyone agrees with what you think is a "proper grip", they don't know about it or havent tried it at all.

Following the latest craze isn't always "staying on top"

It can also be called following the herd

I think if youve been around long enough, and have used them all at some point, you know that there really is no "one" way to do things, and that more often than not, you morph through many of them, even unknowingly creating combinations of them as you go, especially if your shooting is reactive and realistic as opposed to static.
That's been my whole point all along
One shot, one kill
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