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Raimius, "Showmebob, I'm wondering what leads you to the conclusion that quick, accurate follow-up shots are not that important in defensive shootings. Is that based on speculation or scientific study?"
Snyper pretty much answered this with his reply "Quick shots can be important, but the tiny fractions of a second difference caused by various grip styles is negligible"

I was taught to shoot and assess not shoot, shoot and then assess. Also, I have 3 carry guns that really don't work with thumbs forward grip. (2 semi's and a revolver) I have nothing against thumbs forward it's just not what I think works best for me using multiple types of firearms. Thumbs crossed is the best universal grip for me. I have tea cupped, thumbs forward, thumbs down and crossed, thumbs crossed behind the hammer, strong hand, weak hand and likely a few I've forgotten and still use them all for practice.

As a traditional bowhunter for 18 years I realized quickly that deer and elk don't allow you time to take the perfect stance so I practiced for every conceivable situation. Shooting in a defensive situation should be the same. I believe one should learn as many ways to hold a firearm as you can and then you will have options if needed.
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