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Contemplating first suppressor purchase

A few words of advice. If you are set on .22 caliber then I'd buy a silencer capable of firing .223/556 NATO. It will suppress the .22 LR just as well only it will be built to handle the higher pressures of the center fire rifle rounds so you can use it for both. .22LR is good for LR and nothing else. The center fire one could be used for .204, .17HMR, etc. I'd actually recommend a Silencer Co device in .30 cal. That way you can pretty much run every common caliber you'd be likely to shoot through it. It will still make .22 cal rounds so quiet you hear the action of a semi operating over the round fired. One silencer purchase one tax stamp one time good for nearly everything the rest of your life and more(if in a trust).

I myself am a fan of Silencer Co products for their modular design and ease of cleaning. Additionally if and when you wear out the baffles you can just order more baffles, disassemble, replace baffles, and reassemble, for cheap. If you wear out the baffles on nearly any other one piece silencer it's pretty much a decoration and you need to buy another one which means tax stamp and wait allllllll over again.

Silencer Co tends to be less expensive than some up front as well. All around cost of ownership is definitely lower long term.
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