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How do y'all who are experienced with carrying, weight factors from the two posts above?

I agree very much that one shouldn't count on being able to use two hands to draw in a defensive situation. OTOH I only wear button up shirts that could be open in the front about 25% of the time or less most of the year here, as that requires two layers of clothing(I don't think people would appreciate seeing me semi-shirtless lol). I suppose one solution is to just wear button ups open all the time.

For my situation, where it's hot most of the time, I wonder if it would be more prudent to practice both non-open front clothing and open front, or to simply adjust my dress to accomodate open front clothing. An all open front wardrobe would also allow me to more easily carry OWB.Which at least comparing my practice so far from OWB OC drawing and IWB CC drawing, OWB is far easier to get good purchase on the pistol than IWB consistently. Even after factoring out the concealment garment.

I guess it's a good thing I have plenty of time to figure this all out.
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