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My apologies

In a separate thread I used the word coward in reference to the CO shootings. I sincerely apologize. It was too harsh. It was inappropriate.

I don't cast aspersions on any individual. I have no idea of their personal circumstances. I don't judge any single person there. Yet out of a whole theater not one single man was willing to lay down his life for another - no one was willing to make the attempt - that does bother me.

I was a funeral director for many years and had the honor of burying many men from the great generation. On the long trips to the rural cemeteries I got to hear stories of real heroes, both domestic and abroad. It had a profound impact on me. I want to emulate those men and their principals - and "run" was not the lesson I learned from them.

This type of tragedy is going to happen again. I have made the personal decision that if it happens around me then I will try to stop it. Whether I will have the courage to do so if the time comes remains to be seen. But I hope so and I try to be prepared for it mentally. If the time comes then I hope others have also thought this through and I won't be alone (there won't be time for planning, only action).

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