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For crying out loud, we're talking about a forced entry in your own home. You have no "tactical advantage whatsoever.
I'd say it depends. I've read of several situations where a person or persons forced entry to a home and essentially took everyone hostage and yet at some point in the situation one of the hostages was able to access a gun and turn the tables.

Admittedly, most often the persons were accessing guns hidden in the house, not ones that were being carried, but the fact remans that at some point in the encounter the opportunity may arise to access a hidden gun and make good use of it.

If the gun isn't hidden, that opportunity is unlikely to present itself as the attackers wouldn't simply allow it to remain accessible to the occupants of the house.

I do agree that an openly carried gun doesn't provide the same flexibility for the defender to choose a time. Once it's obvious that the gun is going to be discovered the defender must, at that point, choose to act or give up the gun.

If one makes the assumption that a defender will definitely freeze when the attack takes place and fail to respond immediately, then I could see why they would recommend concealment.
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