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Rob, you mirrored my thoughts on open v. concealed carry (public or home).

No I'm not saying Open Carry should be banned. But I don't want to make people feel nervous seeing my gun.

I also liked the way you pointed out, the ideal of a bandit seeing a subject open carrying vs. one carrying concealed.

I like the ideal of people, bandits or otherwise, looking at me and thinking I'm an harmless old man.

might it be fun to add or try timing from pocket carry
I do have an old recliner on my pistol range similar to the chair I set in while playing on the lap top or watching TV. I do shoot from it every now and then just for kicks. Facing the target (front door) and shooting off to my left (back door).

If I can kick the dogs out of it I'll dig out the shot time and see how long it takes to get a shot off.

Anyway, Good Video. I think open carry deprives us of surprise on our part.
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